Hi. I'm Thomas Amby.

I am a trained astronomer and physicist. On adaily basis I am teaching at my local high school. Besides my daily work I am very interested in photography.

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Here You'll find more information about what I'm up to.


I have a blog about educational questions, unfortionately it is in danish. You can find the blog here


I love beeing outdoor with my camera taking pictures. My favorite thing to portrait is nature with all it's differences.


As a scientist I love working with science. Both within the field of Astronomy as well as with in the field of Physics.

Here’s some of my more recent work.

If you like my images then you can purchase them from Alamy.com


A nice evening camp fire at some place in Denmark.

A.P. Møller School

Olafur Eliasson's Tellurium installed at the A.P Møller school in Germany.


In 2009 I worked for at year at the Nordic Optical Telescope (NOT).


A beautiful morning just west of Aarhus, Denmark.

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If you want to have me taking photographs or you have ideas for projects for me.
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